Friday, November 19, 2010

ideas for antilvl and new lesson

my discretionary time is limited lately but i have begun work on lesson 2 which will cover anti-cracking techniques. it will give examples of all anti-cracking methods i have seen in the wild. i will attempt to come up with some novel techniques as well, because that seems fun.

also thought of a possible feature for antilvl. one anti-cracking technique is signature checking. the apk compares the hashcode of its signature with a stored hashcode to see if the apk has been resigned, which would indicate tampering since all apks must be resigned if modified. antilvl could search for these uses, which rarely have any other purpose but to prevent cracking, and optionally disable them. it would then be possible to extend this to other common, easy to interpret anti-cracking techniques. just some thoughts.


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  2. we can't discuss any specifics here because cracking specific programs is kind of illegal, but if you are wondering what those empty methods are, you could check out the post i made today

  3. i had to remove your comment, too. you posted your e-mail address and i didn't want you to get spammed.

  4. plz make new version of antilvl

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