Tuesday, December 28, 2010

antilvl 0.9.1

antilvl 0.9.1 is posted and has a few small fixes. namely, when it complains about missing aapt and zipalign.

it seems more people are using it and making suggestions. right now i'm working on figuring out at least three different types of implementations that i have seen. one of them is quite complex and is taking me some time, but it's helping me improve my focus. once i figure them out, i may have to totally rewrite the cracking methods to be much more flexible, which should be fun. the end result is antilvl works with many more apps.

i've also been digging around the android source code, trying to figure out a way to get packageinfo as one does with an android app _outside_ of android. this way antilvl could possibly circumvent signature checking by substituting a string of the original signature whenever it is requested. this would make me very happy as signature checking is the principal anti-cracking mechanism currently, but more importantly, i think would just be clever to do.


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