Monday, February 7, 2011

antilvl's source

several have asked for antilvl's source to use it in ways i could not have imagined. it seems it's true purpose is more of a general semi-automated apk patcher, which is fine. i'm thinking i should rename it and make it more general purpose, while still including the lvl-patching and anticracking-patching information.

i'm also getting a lot of fun out of this little shell extension for windows to get explorer to replace an apk's icon with the actual icon for the app inside:


  1. Saw a geinimi sample on your file dump, figured you'd be interested in this;

    email me if you'd like to chat

  2. good idea. i added it to the archive. it's a good article. it might be fun to e-mail you, but i've no idea what it is.


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