Thursday, March 31, 2011

spoof getinstallerpackagename with adb

as i wrote back in another post about anti-cracking technique examples, one method that is often used is getinstallerpackagename(). if the apk is installed from adb, it will be null, but if it's installed from the market it will be antilvl is well aware of this already, but there is an easier solution for when you're in a hurry. i learned it reading this post at tim's fantastic blog on reversing. he's not affiliated with me and for all i know he's an upstanding white hat who just loves hacking android.

all you need is adb. just give it this command either in a shell or as:
adb install -i
 this will setup as the installer for the if you're not sure what the app name is for a given apk, just use aapt, from the android-sdk. ex: aapt d --values badging someapk.apk

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