Thursday, February 13, 2014

Native Protection & Mono by Nihilus

another interesting tutorial from Nihilus. here's the description from the guide:
this tutorial covers a basic understanding of the Mono/Xamarin for Android, specifically how C#/.NET is used lately to protect games and, who knows, even malwares.
here's the link:!jpwkTY4J!eXzXCngQAPlUjVvJtiSzEbSxqEv8EbYmMqaLTFxF01Q (updated 5/21/2015)

  i was not aware of this ability to run mono code on android and found it interesting.

related to this, wine is on the way for android. this could get interesting.


  1. can you post link to video tutorial on how to edit an Assembly-CSharp.dll using .net reflector or any way to edit or mod apk file get unlimited coins etc etc

  2. The tutorial is not intended to crack or modify the game engine or to bypass the InApp Billing protection. The patch to get unlimited content consist in the patching of 1 byte in the right place, but I don't think I will do a video tutorial for that, sorry. Maybe if I will find a free app that uses Assembly-CSharp.dll I will be glad to do the tutorial.


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  4. Anonymous, i've had to remove your comment since you're talking about specific apps.

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