Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nihilus' Reversing DexGuard 5.x

Here's another tutorial kindly written by Nihilus.

It's a teardown of reversing DexGuard's protections, which are legion, along with some of the thought process behind it. I like it because it's pure reversing -- no cracking of the commercial app.


alternate link: https://mega.co.nz/#!s8MgkDyY!Qd36YVri66wLN1mXFRCQrlebNnxqRKT-ftrlpybCs80

Kindly post feedback if you're so inclined, and contact me if you'd like to share your reversing knowledge :D


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  5. How to make patch in .so file. if TAMPER protection is present in dexguard ?
    odex method is ok for patching classes.dex but if i patch the .so file app get crash

  6. lohan brother doesnot work on dexgaurd 6 ,everything is encoded in arrays it would be nice if you make video to reverse it ;)

  7. how could i get the password of DexGuard 5.x (Unpacking).rar?


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