Tuesday, December 24, 2013

hexicle utility

Hex has released a tool called hexicle which wraps a lot of common tools such as smali, baksmali, zipalign, etc. with a friendly ui. it's written in python and is made for linux. here's a bit from the readme, which you should totally read:

The tool is written in python using curses library. The tool comes inclusive of all tools that are necessary for it's fuctionality. Hexicle will always overwrite files. The sources are decompiled in a folder with a same name.

download v1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8o9m2dr7pky2mnf/Hexicle+v1.1.zip
password: hexicle

 if you have any bugs or comments, Hex requested that you just post them here.


  1. Nice!
    Could you make an option to auto-update the external jar (would require some html parsing but should be doable ;)

    1. That might be possible. I will need to look into it. At present I am working on smali2py converter. Although if you do have any experience with python and web and make this, I would surely add that as a backend. contact (er7dsufvj2lt@live.com)
      -- Hex

  2. Hi I need a apk file decompiled and some code added, but hard to find a good smali developer around here.

    Anyway you can help me out? I will pay you of course!

    P.S. There was no contact us button or woulda just emailed you :)


  3. hello Anonymous, i'm not interested. thanks for not mentioning any specific apps.

  4. Is it also possible to crack a wi-fi password on Android device?

    1. is it possible? yes, easy question. android is basically linux, nothing too tricky there.

      usually when non-technical people talk about cracking passwords they mean "acquiring" and not the specific act of cracking a password, which is usually just having a program guess a lot of different combinations until it works.

      since i don't know how to answer the question if you're asking "can android devices do things" or if you're asking "can you please tell me how to break into wifi networks with android", i'll assume you're talking about cracking in the technical sense.

      cracking takes a lot of processor power. android devices are usually inferior to larger computers like desktops, so it almost always makes more sense to crack them with one or more beefier machines.

  5. Why the newest post is on 2013?
    Im looking forward to see youre new android reversibg tuts.
    Ive been searching for some pages in order to understand smali but i couldnt.there alot of instruction reference but no explanation.
    For example i know what invoke_virtual is but i dont know what invoke-virtual {p0, p1, p2}, Lcom/mobisystems/msdict/viewer/engine/LicenseManagerBase;-

    1. this is not my main identity and i do a lot more legitimate stuff now. basically working 24/7 on reversing stuff, just talking about it in other places. and i don't do much cracking anymore.

      the opcode you listed will invoke a method (which got removed) on the object referenced in p0 (which should be of a LicenseManagerBase type) using p1 and p2 as arguments. virtual methods are methods of an instance of a class where static methods are methods of the class itself.

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