Tuesday, April 10, 2012

android reverse tools - ART

here's a cool tool i was shown the other day. it's an easy-mode gui for all your decompiling and recompiling needs. ordinarily this would be rather unimpressive. it's not too hard to write a little wrapper for some java commands, but he/she really put some polish on this.

not only does it come with everything you need, including java and bits of the android sdk, but it even has a slick manual and a complete walk-through for my lesson0.crackme0.

here's a screen shot of the app:

here's the link to download (24mb): http://ul.to/or3kme6t
virus scan: https://www.virustotal.com/file/f6ac4279161b666811d80736a7a23790709c5b3ccb36a8f83dd138d9601eb480/analysis/1334082130/

as a first exercise, i recommend that you update the apktool included with the pack. it may have gone out of date. you can update the other components if you're so inclined but it might not help much.

if you have any trouble decompiling or compiling, remember it's using apktool under the hood so trouble shoot apktool first.

and if you want some more crackmes to try, here's deurus' profile on crackmes.de: http://crackmes.de/users/deurus