Saturday, September 20, 2014

Things Look Different

After a bunch of people told me how much the black background + white text was murderizing their eyes, I decided a bunch of people didn't appreciate my enlightened aesthetic sensibilities. Today's blog layout change to a white background + black text is in no way me admitting I was wrong.


Unpacking APKProtect, Bangcle, LIAPP, Qihoo

Android packers getting more common, and if you're doing any significant amount of reversing, you're bound to come across one. While any serious reverser should 1.) familiarize themselves with how they work,  2.) unpack a few by hand, and 3.) write their own tool, it's always nice to kick back and pull something off the shelf. Or, at least, learn how someone else is doing it.

For this reason, I'd like to share with you the provocatively named android-unpacker from strazzere. Nothing says "i write c code" like a blunt and unambiguous project title!

From the readme, it already supports a few popular unpackers:
  • Bangcle (SecNeo)
  • APKProtect
  • LIAPP (preprelease demo)
  • Qihoo