Saturday, January 14, 2012

keygen tutorial and challenge by zAWS!

keygen'ing as a style of cracking requires you to really know and understand how the protection works. it also requires no modification of the original application, so is a very pure way of cracking.

zAWS!, who posted a keygen for lesson 0's crackme0b, sent me this challenge to share:

but before you start, you may want to see his/her keygen tutorial. it comes with the original apk and has videos showing the process:


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  2. Hi, I wrote a tutorial to solve this using a self-keygen instead of wading through all that smali spaghetti. :)

    Feel free to publish / put on your site if you would like to.

    Also, in one of your posts you mention having additional resources that you have written but not published. It would be greatly appreciated if I could read whatever you may be willing to share.

    Thank you !

    synack - synakcm_at_gmail_dot_com

  3. lol challenge accepted ^^
    Instead of "if-eqz v0, :cond_4" in main.smali, just change it to "if-nez v0, :cond_4"
    That's all


  4. link is not working

  5. link not working

  6. Links are dead. If the OP could re-upload...


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