Friday, January 6, 2012

way of the android cracker 0 rewrite

i have learned a lot since first writing way of the android cracker so i rewrote it. actually i rewrote it about 17 times. this one was the least annoyingly pedantic.

here's a direct link:

lesson 1 rewrite is next.

update: crackme0b has been updated. thanks to zAWS! for writing a keygen for crackme0b so quickly (even copied the icon) and helping me see it. unfortunately the update breaks the keygen.


  1. You can tell the author(lohan) spent alot of time writing this in HTML language and attaching images for reference.

    Another great write up from the great master lohan. I hope he lives long and prosper to continue his master work in this galaxy of androids.

  2. anyone tell you that you are the best cracker in the world ?

  3. try my keygen ..

  4. Great work! I've read every single post in your blog, just perfect!

    It does help a lot to make my app more secure (seriously!).

    I was just wondering, In-app purchases do look quite insecure - would it be possible to automatically tell the app that the purchase was completed, even though an error has occurred? (which would happen, as it is not the same signature)

    I was thinking of implementing in-app-purchases, but I have to do more research on this particular problem.
    Would it be easy for you to add this to antilvl? And if yes, would you do it? I'd love to test my app with your tool, I already did it for the copy protection :]

  5. Anonymous1&2: thanks. i'm not that great, really. i'm just some guy with a keyboard.

    Anonymous3: nice work, mate. i discovered a bug in the crackme which i fixed and will slightly break your keygen. sorry about that.

    Anonymous4: i'm glad you like it. i have not looked around at in-app purchasing. not sure about anything. i think making antilvl any better would give too much power to the wrong people. ;)

  6. when analysis first version ..i knew that
    you forgot checking code length that caused (Division Process Not used)
    Now it's became more flexible & strong ..

    thanks for Email ..!

    Keygen Update ..

  7. I've cracked the crackme0b(update) changing the "if" controls inside main.smali after I've recompiled the program and it works fine! :) it isn't as elegant as the solution of keygen, but it works :) when I've a few time I will create an Apk Keygen! I really appreciate your work man! :D It's simply amazing, reading your tutorial I've learnt lots of things! Thanks!

    P.s. In my way of cracking I've found only an app that I'm not able to crack, the apk contains 3 linux based files and the code is really difficult to understand! If you want I can post the app! But at only one conditions, if you will be able to crack it, please do not release the cracked Apk on the Web. The respect for other programmer is the first thing for me! :) Thanks!

    Sorry for my bad english!

  8. I've created also the Keygen in Java it's a simply random keygen! :)

  9. please tell me the code

  10. Hi boys,
    I've cracked one application for educational pourpose.
    But if i want passing a object in another object, how do i do? for example:
    invoke-virtual {v0, v1}, Ljava/lang/String;->equals(Ljava/lang/Object;)Z
    move-result v1
    move v3,v1

    why it's wrong?

    Please help Me!

  11. instead of giving you a fish, i will try to teach you to fish by asking _YOU_ why it's wrong. what errors do you get? do you get errors compiling? what are they? do you get errors when it runs? what's the error? you must always know where to get good, quality feedback and not be afraid to brave the often cryptic and esoteric jargon.

  12. Guys, I'm working on Fishing Superstars 1.1.7 eduaction purposes, i just cant crack the in-app billing. ANd the truth is i dont really fully understand your software to be able to crack it any help?

  13. Nice tutorial!!!!!

    How can i cerate my own testsign.jar???

  14. Anonymous #1: we don't talk about specific apps.

    Anonymous #2: thanks. to create your own testsign.jar, not sure how that would help you at all, but the source is included in testsign.jar and some simple searching should lead you to the google code page or whatever that stores the code.

  15. Hello lohan.
    Thanks for this awesome tutorial and the smali syntax highlighting for Notepad++.
    I am seeing this guide for two days.
    I was thinking to ask for your help to see into a logcat of an app that I'm trying to port.
    Can you help me out?

    I want your email ID so that I can contact you via mail. :)


Do NOT post about or link to specific apps!