Wednesday, January 18, 2012

self-keygen tutorial by synack

previously, i posted a keygen tutorial and challenge, and synack has put his solution forward along with an interesting tutorial on creating a self-keygen, or a keygen that makes use of the original code to do the heavy lifting. it's very clearly written and organized, with plenty of good insight into the thought process as opposed to low-level "click here change this with no idea why" style tutorials.

download the solution and tutorial here:


  1. @synack
    you did a good job for Solving my challenge
    by Auto keygening method!..
    thx for you .. & to lohan+ for sharing our knowledge in his blog! ;-)

  2. I've a problem, the selkeygen.apk doesn't work for me, it gives me 12 numbers, not 11...what's the mistake?

  3. I created some HackMe Apps a while ago, I am curious how many of you can crack medium/hard x)

    See this post:

  4. Ok Marc, when I've time I'll try to crack your crackme! Thanks alot! :) do you have tested the self-keygen linked in this post? Because for me it doesn't work...

  5. here is my simple Keygen for KeygenHard :)

  6. hm hm... b88! ....
    try my keygen ..

    anyway ..i 'm on preparing a new challenge ..i think it will include
    a good reversing idea ;-)

  7. Hey, love your blog, it's taught me a lot. But a lot of my friends aren't so tech-savy so it's hard to explain all this to them =/
    Luckily there's a lot of sites that host cracked APKs like
    I usually just end up sending them there since I don't have nearly as much patience as you :P

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  11. @Noname & Mines Please do not post the APK in this blog.

    @Mines, whitout the APK is really hard to crack an application. Send me the apk and when I have some times I can help you! But only if it is for learning aim.
    My e-mail: ZnZybWF0dGVvQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ==


  12. Mines: you posted specific app :( had to remove your ocmment.
    Noname: same as Mines.

    thanks Nihilus :D

  13. When a tutorial about cracking .so files inside apk package? (Sygic could be a nice example)

  14. Use ida pro and hex editor for that :)

  15. Hello lohan,

    Nice post. Can you give me pointers to reverse engineering Native Apps on Android ?

    If possible give me links to tutorial or write your own tutorial.



  16. the link is dead. Can you upload again. Thanks


Do NOT post about or link to specific apps!