Friday, October 22, 2010

progress on second lesson

i am about half-way finished with the second lesson. while doing it i had many ideas for improving the first lesson. i have gone back and updated, tweaked and fixed the first lesson and will upload it when i am finished with the second.

the next crackme is only slightly more complex but it will include signature verification, a common anti-cracking technique. it is still quite easy but illuminating. actually it is about as easy as many actual android apps. the next lesson will include an obfuscated crackme, an additional anti-cracking technique and perhaps killer robots that stalk you in your sleep, but i may only have time two of those three.

cracking android license code is such a straightforward process that i have started work on a program that will do all of the work for you (baksmali, patch, recompile, resign). i'm not sure if others will find it useful so it does not get much attention.


  1. anxiously awaiting, killer robots and all.... :)

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