Tuesday, December 21, 2010

AntiLVL 0.9

 had some more time to work on antilvl. main thing is linux compatibility. you have to change your path until i can find some work-around with apktool trying to run "aapt" instead of "./aapt". more info in the readme.
  • works with linux (Protector wins the prize for asking for it first!)
  • fixed compatibility with smali dumps
    • plan to add full smali/baksmali support in next version
  • changed behavior when CHECK_LICENSE permission cannot be found
    • instead of exiting immediately, just warn the user
  • changed dump path to reflect the package name
  • various smaller improvements
  • updated aapt and zipalign

pick it up here: http://androidcracking.blogspot.com/p/antilvl.html

i have been busy with non-android things lately, so i was happy when a friend (SuRViVe) sent me a link to a tutorial for circumventing an android drm called slidelock. the tutorial was written by Nieylana, who has written some other very nice tutorials, including the first tutorial i could find on android

here's the one on slideme: http://www.accessroot.com/arteam/site/download.php?view.327

and there is some more info on slidelock at the starzzere.com, which is a great blog with lots of information on android: http://strazzere.com/blog/?p=177

it seems like 1.1 and maybe even 2.0 of slidelock are merely wrappers for the main class. it should be fairly easy to look at the androidmanifest.xml and poke around a few files and simply change the launcher activity so the drm isn't executed at all. i really don't like it because it sends far too much information about your phone to their servers. i will look into adding this as feature into antilvl.


  1. After using antilvl.jar windows version i get error

    Error: Missing aapt.exe!Suggestion: Make sure it is in same path as AntiLVL.

    but all files in the same folder....
    rewrite files with older version and all is working :)

  2. thanks for bringing this up. the error should really tell you to make sure aapt is in your current path, not necessarily the path antilvl is in. try running from the directory where everything is. i'll update antilvl tomorrowish.

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