Monday, January 10, 2011

upcoming antilvl 1.0

it's been a while since my last update, so i figure i should say something about progress on antilvl 1.0.

i wanted to learn all kinds of best practices in java, so i spent a lot of time designing classes while trying to avoid coupling and other oop pitfalls. even threw in some unit testing. i also want antilvl to be able to be able to learn how to subvert any implementation of the lvl, and do it without having pages and pages of complicated regex code.

to accomplish this, antilvl's code will be more like an engine, with all file identification patterns and code modification information written in xml with a specification of my own design. it will be mature enough to have in-place dynamic variables and definable search patterns. the result will be almost any apk modification could be cleverly constructed inside the xml without touching the code in about 10-20 lines.

i must stress i'm not doing this for piracy. i'm doing it because it's a challenge. no one else has done it. it's really fun for me. if i was trying to be a pirate, i would not explain how the cracks work. if you're a developer and you insist on protection, you will have to roll your own and heavily modify the official lvl so known methods will not work. use antilvl to help you figure out if it's well protected.

most people don't mind paying a few euros for a program on what amounts to their main computing device. the benefit from spending many hours on increased protection may not be worth it unless your App is very expensive. or perhaps your and android master and just really get off to having wonderfully insane levels of protection.


  1. love your work mate keep it up.

  2. lohan you are my hero!!!! That is newsworthy "lohan+ throws down gauntlet at poor coding!"

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