Friday, November 12, 2010

AntiLVL 0.8.1

saw some new kinds of obfuscation right after i released 0.8 so i spent the past several hours rewriting everything and optimizing. i had been looking for a fun java project to get some practice, so this has been quite handy.

the detection was totally rethought and there is a much better chance of detecting new types of obfuscation and lvl files in very strange places. i'm only increasing the version to 0.8.1 from 0.8 until i get a lot more testing, but to do that i'll need to test many apks. best way to do that is just send me any that don't work. i will assume it is legal for you to do so.

tested with 7 different apps and 3 of them worked. one of them would not recompile, so it does not count. one of them required further modifications. one seems broken. your mileage will vary.


  1. Great app i must say!

    You mentioned for people to let you know if it is still not working on LVL apps.

    I tried trackmaster 2.12 and although it seems to confirm the app is licensed i am then stuck in an infinite loop of the app trying to open the Market Place. Once the market place is opened it is confirmed that it is installed and the latest version. Though if i try to go back or open the app again it puts me back at the market again.

    Might be worth a look. Id love to see if you can work out what is wrong.

  2. grt system!!! Love it!!! I emailed you here

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