Sunday, November 7, 2010

AntiLVL - android license verification subversion

new version released. read about it here:

i've written previously about android market license verification here and here. i decided to write a tool for developers who want to protect their apps more by automating the entire process. here's a copy of the readme:

AntiLVL - Android License Verification Library Subversion

[ What is it? ]
This takes an .apk or apktool dump directory, attempts to subvert the market license verification library and recompiles, signs and zipaligns the modified code. The result is an .apk with the LVL check effectively removed. To the App, it appears the check was successful and no part of the application code is modified.

[ Who is it for? ]
Developers who wish to have more than Android LVL protection could devise and implement other types of protection. Then this tool could be used to simulate a crack attempt without the developer having to learn to use apktool, Dalvik and LVL cracking methods.

[ Usage ]
Usage: java -jar AntiLVL.jar [options] <smali dump path | Apk file>  [output Apk name]
-v:     Verbose output
-s:     Skip assembly
-h:     Show help

[ Known Problems ]
Any sort of LVL obfuscation will prevent this tool from working. It will be added if people want it.
here is the download link:


  1. AntiLVL is not working - Got To Do License Check routine
    Alternative Android License Library Used!

  2. this only works with official, unobfuscated android market license verification library. it could be an implementation i do not know. can you post a link? you can delete it afterwards.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. it is obfuscated, which is much more tricky. i am working on dealing with obfuscation. i will add this to my testing apps and release when finished.

  5. Tried to use this, but when i use command i get error: no main manifest attribute ... please advise? =?

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